The Terry Ni Scholarship
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The Terry Ni (TN) Engineering Scholarship is solely funded by Yu-Hwa Terry Ni and Sun-Nain Nick Ni and is an extension of Ms. Niís former Funds for Restoration and Enhancement of Earth (FREE) Program Scholarship.

History of the Ni Scholarship Programs

From 2010 to 2012, the Niís offered the Family Scholarship through the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) for qualified high school seniors planning to pursue engineering studies.

In 2012, Terry Ni initiated the FREE scholarship program. From 2012 to 2020, she awarded 16 $2,000 FREE scholarships through the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers (WSPE) and administered by the Engineers Foundation of Wisconsin (EFW). The FREE scholarships were awarded to high school students with outstanding performance and talents who showed interest in pursuing a major in engineering or natural science aimed at a career in the environmental field.

From 2021

The Terry Ni Engineering Scholarship

Building on the decade of scholarship awards, Ms. Ni developed the Terry Ni (TN) Engineering Scholarship program starting in 2021. The new TN Engineering Scholarship has expanded eligibility for qualified high school senior scholarship candidates.

The core mission of the TN Engineering Scholarship is to award merit-based scholarship funds to highly qualified students who have expressed sincere interest in traditional engineering disciplines as well as emerging engineering and technology fields that will improve the quality of human life such as renewable energy, alternative energy generation and storage, high-efficiency product design, applied bioscience, and aerospace.

The goal of the TN Scholarship is to encourage outstanding young people to be involved and choose engineering as their professional career with the vision to design, build, improve, and advance inventive technologies to improve peoplesí lives and thereby improve humanityís long-term sustainability and well-being.

The TN Engineering Scholarship is offered through the WSPE and administered by the EFW, a 501(c) organization.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

We seek students with the following distinctive qualifications:

Summary of the TN Engineering Scholarship Features

1. One (1) to four (4) scholarships will be awarded each year based on the evaluation of information provided by qualified students in scholarship applications.

2. Each scholarship will be awarded at a minimum of $3,000.

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